VO  Productivity Pack 3

Version 3.04, by Paul Piko.
Released September 2002
Copyright 1998-2002  Piko Computing Consultants

Email contacts:
Technical: support@piko.com.au
Sales: sales@piko.com.au

What's New in VOPP 3.04?

Version 3.04 of the VO Productivity Pack has these new features:

Tip of the Day
- This new feature can display tips about VO and related tools when VO starts. You can also call it up from the Windows menu.

VOPP Calculator
- able to keep on top
- additional display ashexstring
- display of float result increased to 40,10
- user defineable result display

Global Search and Replace
- Comboboxes for search and replace now support copy/paste/cut

Language Assistant
- has been revised, refer to the Language Assistant page in the help for full details
- improved update of window and menu entries
- optionally return load statement or just the updated value to the editor
- can look up string literal or string identifier
- language settings now on an application basis rather than per project
- the load statement (e.g. LoadResString()) is user configurable in VOPP Plus!

Export Explorer
- checks if it is the default program for export files
- has a new hot key in the VO IDE: Ctrl-Alt-O (to avoid confusion with the Euro hotkey)

System Builder, Single App Build
- improved process where any app in current project linked to an auto generated DLL PRG is automatically updated (doesn't have to be part of the current system)
- can choose to leave build dialog open

- Export at startup now only exports the current project, not all projects

Export Assistant
- show files that have error when exporting