About us

Piko Computing Consultants Pty Ltd
Established 1990

ACN: 007 378 716
ABN: 95 305 959 974

Phone: +61 417 376 216
Email: support@piko.com.au or sales@piko.com.au

We provide application development services, producing database solutions accessible from the desktop and via the internet. We specialise in the latest Windows-based technologies and tools.

Our clients have included:
Credit Suisse Bullion Pacific, National Mutual Funds Management, Norwich Financial Planning Services, Shell Company of Australia, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria, Footscray Institute of Technology, Australian Wheat Board, Department of Natural Resources and Environment-Victoria, Department of Primary Industries and Energy, Animal Health Australia, Plan Australia.

About Paul Piko

A brief profile:
  • Director of Piko Computing Consultants Pty Ltd, established 1990
  • Bachelor of Science from University of Melbourne, 1984
  • Employed at Shell, Information and Computing Services, 1984-1990 as a Systems Analyst
  • Co-author of the Sirius Press products: CLASSic nuVO (a class library for CA-Visual Objects), DOCBASE! (application documentation tool), SP-Utilities for VO
  • Contributor to software magazines: VO:Journal(), SDGN magazine
  • Co-author of training materials on Jasmine (object database from Computer Associates) - VO-Jasmine ActiveX Application Development
  • Author of VO Productivity Pack, a set of programmer tools fro CA-Visual Objects
  • Former president of the Clipper User Group (Melbourne) 1990-1992 (150 members)
  • Contributor to the Clipper books "Selected Clippings" and "Selected Clippings++"
  • Part of the Visual Objects development team, 2002 onwards
  • Part of the Vulcan.NET development team, 2004 onwards
  • Author of the book "Vulcan.NET At Warp Speed"
  • Author of Vulcan.NET training videos
  • Speaker at software conferences - various topics including Clipper, Visual Objects, Vulcan.NET, Jasmine database, Windows application development, Windows API programming, .NET framework, MS Office integration, web development, web services, object-orientation, multi-user issues, mobile device programming:
    CA TechniCon, Australia, May 1993 CA TechniCon, USA, August 1993
    CA TechniCon, Australia, November 1994 CA TechniCon, USA, July 1995
    CA TechniCon, Australia, November 1995 CA TechniCon, USA, August 1996
    CA TechniCon, Australia, November 1996 CA TechniCon, USA, July 1997
    CA TechniCon, Australia, November 1997 CA TechniCon, USA, April 1998
    VOICE, United Kingdom, February 1999 Conference to the Point, Netherlands, April 1999
    CA TechniCon, USA, July 1999 Conference to the Max, Netherlands, May 2000
    DevCon Australia, Australia, May 2000 DevCon Europe, Germany, November 2000
    DevCon Australia, Australia, September 2001 DevCon Europe, Germany, October 2001
    DevCon Europe, Germany, November 2002 DevCon Australia, Australia, April 2003
    DevCon Europe, Germany, October 2003 DevFest, United Kingdom, February 2004
    DevCon USA, July 2004 DevFest, United Kingdom, March 2005
    VODC (VO & Vulcan.NET), Germany, November 2005 DevFest, United Kingdom, March 2006
    VODC (VO & Vulcan.NET), Germany, November 2006 DevFest, United Kingdom, March 2007
    VODC (VO & Vulcan.NET), Germany, November 2007 DevFest, United Kingdom, March 2008
    VODC (VO & Vulcan.NET), Germany, November 2008 DevShare, United Kingdom, May 2010
    VODC (VO & Vulcan.NET), Germany, November 2010 VODC (VO & Vulcan.NET), Germany, November 2011
    DevShare, United Kingdom, May 2012