Facelift Professional for Visual Objects
Facelift Professional for Visual Objects
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VO Productivity Pack
VO Productivity Pack
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Duplicate Instance Variable Report
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Export File Fix for CA-VO 2.5
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VOPP ONLYEARLY Checklist for CA-VO 2.5b1/2/3 VO provides the ONLYEARLY compiler pragma to allow you to force early binding of method calls and to avoid the generation of untyped call stubs. This can result in faster, smaller code with stronger compile time checking, but does not support late bound calls.

This utility allows you to easily see the status of your classes, displaying which methods/accesses/assigns conform to the ONLYEARLY approach.
CA-Visual Objects
MS Word Defines
A module containing MS Word constants 190K
VOPP Desktop Changer Includes:
  • IsActiveDesktop function - determines if ActiveDesktop is enabled
  • IActiveDesktop class - to control the ActiveDesktop
  • RandomInteger class - easy way to obtain random integers between two limits
  • ARandom function - randomly rearranges entries in an array
  • ChangeBackground function - sets the desktop background to the named file
  • SplitCommandLine funtion - converts a command line into an array, recognises quoted parameters and backslash escaping in accordance with MS C++ standard
  • Unicode and Ansi classes - provided by Rod da Silva

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Updated RichEdit Print
The standard RichEdit class sometimes has problems printing to banding printers. This sample has an updated print method to correct it. Updated June 2000. For use with VO 2.5a/a-1. 6K
Icon Status Bar Sample
Sample showing how to put an icon into a status bar. Includes resizing the status bar to fit the icon height. Also shows use of timer for animation effects. 28K
VO 2.5 Forum Library (12Dec99) Free library, complete with source code, collected from the VO community.
VO 2.5 version.
VO 2.0 Forum Library (18Apr99) Free library, complete with source code, collected from the VO community.
VO 2.0 version.
VO Screen Saver v0.9 Sample Sample screen saver. Displays random images/sounds. Click here to view the sample images. 2.2M
VO Screen Saver v0.9 Source Source code for Sample screen saver. 11K
Extending Directory() for VO
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Enhanced VO ShellWindow Gradient fills and pictures on a ShellWindow 57K
CA-Visual Objects and the Jasmine API Adobe PDF format 26K
Object databases and Jasmine Development Options Adobe PDF format 120K
VO-Jasmine ActiveX Source Code Link to detail page -
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