VOPP Export File Fix v1.1

The CA-VO 2.5 version control features can experience problems if some invalid characters are used in application or module names. (See the message from CA below).

This program (EFFix.EXE) will replace invalid characters in AEFs/MEFs with valid characters. After you press OK on the initial window you will be able to select the files you want to correct. The fixed files will be written with a '.FIX' extension. (Any existing *.FIX files will be overwritten).

There are two versions of EFFix.EXE - one for CA-VO 2.0 and one for CA-VO 2.5.

Version 1.1 changes:
Any module names which end up duplicated after the character substitution are changed to end in a digit.
The names of any applications listed in the properties are also changed to remove invalid characters.


Description Size
VOPP Export File Fix v1.1 (CA-VO 2.0 version)
VOPP Export File Fix v1.1 (CA-VO 2.5 version)
Message posted by CA, 14-Aug-99

Sb: 2.5 Shipping, Other Info
Fm: Marijo Dimmick [CA]

Hello everyone!

Here are the words you've been waiting for: "CA-Visual Objects 2.5 is
now shipping!!!"  Although I don't have a box in my hot little hands
yet, I've been informed that the resellers have been receiving partial
shipments (not everything they've asked for yet, but a good start!) and
have started shipping to their customers!

Now, for an important VO 2.5 programming tip: Do NOT use "illegal"
characters in your application or module names!  These characters
include colons (:), slashes (/,\), asterisks (*), quote marks (",'),
question marks (?), pipes (|), angle brackets (<,>), etc.  In general,
anything that cannot be contained in a Windows filename should not be
used.  Currently these characters are allowed in VO 2.5, but can cause
you to lose code!

The reason for this is that if/when you decide to use the 2.5 version
control features (ie, connect VO 2.5 to MS Visual SourceSafe or another
version control package), each application that gets checked into the
version control software is automatically exported as modules (MEF
files).  And since the above mentioned symbols are not valid file name
characters, the MEFs will not be exported and you'll virtually lose
parts of your application when you check it in and back out of the
version control software.  So be sure to fix any existing application
and module names as soon as possible and avoid these characters in the

Note that for VO 2.5a (which we will start work on shortly), these
characters will be disallowed in application and module names in the
repository, so everyone (whether you use the version control or not)
will eventually need to modify the application and module names!

Happy programming!

Marijo Dimmick [CA]