FAQ about the future direction of VO

From Tom Walden at CA-World 2002:

Here are a few of the FAQ about the future direction of Visual Objects:

Q - Bottom line, what does this mean for VO with GrafXSoft?
A - Although CA still owns VO per se', GrafXSoft now has 100% control over VO's destiny. Brian Feldman (owner of GrafXSoft) now has the authority to license, develop, and market VO completely on his own without having to ask CA's approval. Brian will have ALL source code for VO (and Clipper) under his control now. This is obviously a first for CA, but give them credit for helping keep the product alive, regardless of the method. As such, VO will continue to have the CA label (we just won't need to refer to it as CA-Visual Objects anymore <g>).

Q - What is the status of the current 2.5c patch already in progress?
A - This patch will be completed prior to transferring the source code to GrafXSoft. Speculation is that this will happen soon in order to get the source code to Brian as soon as possible.

Q - In a nutshell, what is GrafXSoft's initial business strategy for VO?
A - GrafXSoft tentatively plans to release VO version 2.6 approximately 4 months after receiving the VO source code. The list of major features has already been provided in the press release (which is still subject to change/additions).

Q - And what about after release 2.6, what's next?
A - Brian totally intends to let the VO community drive what features and enhancements that they want in the product. Thus he will be forming a Steering Committee that will review and make suggestions for all product improvements (and fixes). Amongst other features, he expects VO 3.0 (or whatever it is called) to be .net compliant.

Q - How can I provide input for enhancements or fixes to VO now?
A - Brian has been offered the www.cavo.com URL for his use now. He fully intends to use that web site as the focal point for "the next VO".

Q - What about tech support? Do we still contact CA?
A - For now, yes you do. That will shortly be eliminated by CA and then GrafXSoft will assume the responsibility. But your best source of help is still the VO newsgroup at "comp.lang.clipper.visual-objects".

Q - Are VO user groups still a part of CA now?
A - No.

Q - Will VO still be available and supported in foreign countries through CA offices?
A - No, but GrafXSoft will be working to setup distributors in some countries with a high volume of VO users. But they can still ship the product to you anywhere on the planet.

Q - Will GrafXSoft use the same sort of upgrade/patch philosophy as CA?
A - Absolutely not! Brian hates the patch process as much as the rest of us, so all upgrades will be just that - full upgrades.

Q - What about RegisterIt for VO installations, does that still remain?
A - No, this will go away completely. Back to the old Clipper philosophy - since you can only use it on one machine at a time, you get a one-user license, no matter which computer you are using it on - period.