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General Interest

Piko Family General Links Photographs, Family Tree, Family History


Computing Related Links

Computer Associates Producers of CA-Visual Objects, CA-Clipper, CA-Realizer, CA-Unicenter, Jasmine
GRAFX Software Software distributor
GeoCAD R Geodetic Calculation Software (German)
DejaVO A collection of tips and tricks for VO, posted in the newsgroups
The CA-Visual Objects Knowledge Base (KnowVO)
JR-INFO Publisher of VODBX32 the database manager
CA-VO 2 Training Center
VOCA GmbH Software Developments Techniques, CAYMan news reader, Developer Conferences
Michael Ferbers Homepage
Visual Objects News Group Discuss Visual Objects with other users
DataPro The makers of ReportPro: late breaking news, product demos, supplemental files, patches and more
VO related files FTP site holding files relating to Visual Objects