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VO Productivity Pack: You can download the evaluation version from the Products section of this web site.  The registration code will turn the evaluation version into the full product, giving you complete access to all the features.

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Australian prices calculated from US$ prices using exchange rate as at 12/01/11

VO Productivity Pack

Item Price Shipping cost
(for one item)
Quantity       Total

For VO 2.8

VO Productivity Pack 3.2/3.3
Australia: A$231.00 (includes GST)
Other Countries: US$199.00 (no GST)
Upgrade VOPP 3.1x to VOPP 3.2/3.3 Australia:  A$66.00 (includes GST)
Other Countries
: US$59.00 (no GST)
Upgrade VOPP 3.0x to VOPP 3.2/3.3 Australia:  A$110.00 (includes GST)
Other Countries
: US$99.00 (no GST)
Upgrade VOPP 2.1/2.5 to VOPP 3.2/3.3 Australia:  A$176.00 (includes GST)
Other Countries
: US$149.00 (no GST)

For VO 2.7, 2.7a, 2.7b

VO Productivity Pack 3.1x
Australia: A$198.00 (includes GST)
Other Countries: US$169.00 (no GST)
Upgrade VOPP 3.0x to VOPP 3.1x Australia:  A$44.00 (includes GST)
Other Countries
: US$40.00 (no GST)
Upgrade VOPP 2.1/2.5 to VOPP 3.1x Australia:  A$110.00 (includes GST)
Other Countries
: US$99.00 (no GST)

For VO 2.5 and VO 2.6

VO Productivity Pack 3.0x
Australia: A$154.00 (includes GST)
Other Countries: US$129.00 (no GST)
Upgrade VOPP 2.1/2.5 to VOPP 3.0x Australia:  A$77.00 (includes GST)
Other Countries
: US$69.00 (no GST)
(GST is applicable to, and incorporated in, prices for Australia)

For credit card payments from outside Australia the US$ amounts will be converted to A$ using the current exchange rate.


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