VO  Productivity Pack 3

Version 3.02, by Paul Piko.
Released June 2001
Copyright 1998-2001  Piko Computing Consultants

This product includes software developed by the University of California, Berkeley and its contributors.

Email contacts:
Technical: support@piko.com.au
Sales: sales@piko.com.au

What's New in VOPP 3.02?

Changes and new features


This version of VOPP provides enhanced functionality for unregistered users and contains the following restrictions:

- will only automatically export a maximum of 3 apps/libs/DLLs from a project

System Builder
- is restricted to processing up to 3 apps/libs/DLLs in a system

- only the first 5 AutoType definitions will be automatically expanded

Display of a Registration reminder window when using:
- Indent source code in VO editor
- Print source code from VO editor
- Language Assistant
- VOPP Calculator
- Export Explorer
- Compare from the VO IDE Tools menu
- Project Copy
- Import Assistant
- System Builder
- Single App Build
- Global Search & Replace
- Reset App Debug Status
- Export Assistant
- Application as PRG/MEF
- Application Statistics
- Application Usage
- Updated Entity List

If unregistered this copy of VOPP will revert to a limited evalation version from 1 August 2001.