VO Productivity Pack 3.0

VO Productivity Pack
Feature Summary
Standard vs Professional
User Comments
System Requirements
What's New?
VO Export Explorer
Starting Export Explorer
Using The Explorer
Viewing Source Code
Internal Source Viewer
External Viewer
Using the Find Option
Viewing a Window Entity
Comparing Export Files
Comparison from the Command prompt
Setup Options
Starting AutoExport Configuration
Export Location
Export Frequency
Notification of Approaching AutoExport
Running a process after AutoExport
Miscellaneous AutoExport Options
AutoExport on Demand
AutoExport Progress
Interrupting an AutoExport
System Builder
Starting System Builder
System Setup
Building a System
Running a process after creating EXE/DLL
System Builder Report
Single App Build
VO Source Editor Extensions
Import Assistant
Export Assistant
Global Search and Replace
Starting Global Search and Replace
Finding Text
Custom Exclusions
Replacing Text
Global Search and Replace Report
Starting the calculator
Expressions and Results
Custom display
Extending the calculator
DBF Utility
Starting the DBF Utility
Using the DBF Utility
Create Function
Extending the DBF Utility
Language Assistant
Language Overview
Preparations for multilingual applications
Using a Language DLL
Using Language Assistant
Application as PRG/MEF
Application Statistics
Application Usage
Project Copy
Updated Entity List
Reset App Debug Status
Export File to PRG
VOPP Tray Icon
VOPP Plus!
Starting VOPP Plus!
CA-VO General Settings
CA-VO Editors
CA-VO Compiler
CA-VO Debugger
System/Single App Build
Source Editor
Regular Expressions
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5
Example 6
Example 7
Technical Notes
DLLs and Prototypes

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