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The VO Productivity Pack is a vast collection of tools, utilities, and extensions to the Visual Object Integrated Development Environment that make software development faster, easier and safer.

Thank you for taking the time to become familiar with the features of the VO Productivity Pack
. We are sure that you find that VOPP can greatly improve your productivity when working with Visual Objects.

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The right tools for the right job
These pages describe each of the features of VOPP
. Some you will use very frequently, others only every now and then. Some will be working for you automatically. All of them save you having to perform a task manually yourself. Your time and effort is better spent on other things, why not let your computer and VOPP work for you? Some of the highlights are:
n Import Assistant will load multiple AEFs without you having to work out which order they should be imported.
n AutoExport operates behind the scenes without your intervention, ensuring your applications are frequently backed up.
n When you are working on a large project you will find System Builder extremely helpful, compiling and building multiple applications in a few mouse clicks.
n Export Explorer lets you look inside VO export files without having to load them into VO. You can search within export files, compare them, or extract modules or source code from them.
n Global Search and Replace, supporting regular expressions, can make project-wide changes to your code.
n AutoType works in the VO source code editor, expanding a few keystrokes into whole blocks of code.
These are just highlights - there are many more features discussed in detail in these pages.

VOPP Standard and VOPP Professional
The Standard version of VOPP
is supplied with Visual Objects and can also be downloaded from the Piko Computing web site: The Standard version does not have all the features that are included in the Professional version. Click here to view a full comparison chart showing the capabilites of each version. You can use registration details supplied by Piko Computing to turn your Standard version in the Professional version.

Piko Computing
The VO Productivity Pack
is produced by Piko Computing Consultants. For the latest information about VOPP and Piko Computing visit our web site:

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