Comments from VO Productivity Pack Users

Ron King
I have configured my template and tested AutoExport,  the Date/Time to one and  a Date to the archive on each of my three  computers.   For a current project it takes under four seconds.   This means that at the end of the day all I need to do is copy the project to two CDROMs.  What a time saver!

The addition of the %Date% feature is an excellent time saver! Thanks again.
Dick van Kooten
Thanks a lot! This works great. And I am amazed finding out that my request was processed in somewhat 12 hours... This makes clear I've bought far more than just a good product. Outstanding service!
Tom Walden
I could not even imagine using VO without VOPP anymore.  You have no idea how many times the Auto Export feature alone has saved my skin.
Phil McGuinness
How anybody or why anybody would program VO2.5 without VOPP beats me!
Ron King
VOPP to me is a significant upgrade to VO functionality.  Keep up the good work.
Ed Ratcliffe
Thanks for a great tool!
Stephan Bomholt
Thanks for the great support and the great product.
Mark Richards
It was too scary to be without VOPP!
I rely on VOPP heavily.
Wolfgang Riedmann
Until now its working perfectly - and while Im writing this mail the system builder is all apps in my project with the new (again thank you!) option....
Mark Larsen
I certainly recommend VOPP in any case.  I feel very secure with the autobackup feature that creates a new directory of your whole project every day you use and then exit VO, and updates the aefs in it every subsequent time that day you exit VO.  Big insurance policy there.
Glen Townsley
Thanks for a product that has saved my skin on more than one occasion.
Geoff Schaller
Thanks Paul, great work.

This is a seriously important upgrade. For me, the two most important features are the automated background saving and compressing of aef's and the advanced system builder.

For anyone who grapples with the daily grind of managing a large project of dll's and prototypes, Paul's new feature of external prg modules totally automates this task. It will save hours and hours per week. It is well worth the trouble.
Brian Feldman
A really handy tool for any VO Programmers tool box. Save my bacon more that once ! 
Phil McGuinness
The AUTO typing feature in the VOPP3 is fantastic..

The DOW <tab> is really neat..  reminds of the old days of Brief...

The product looks really, really good and the image on the calculator adds a touch of class.
Philippe Legros
What is the english word to say 'more indispensable than indispensable!' ?

I've just installed VOPP3, and all these new features seems to be really greats!
Jan Timmer
I must say it is a very nice product!