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The Mount Cannibal Reserve is located on Garfield North Road, three kilometres north of Garfield in West Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Originally the Mount was named as "Counnabal" by the local Aboriginals and meant the forehead of a person. (Historical records from the year 1850) The reserve covers 53 hectares and is dominated by a hill with granitic outcrops. A wide range of native orchids can be found in the reserve. All orchids depicted on this sight have been photographed in-situ. Please ensure the longevity of the species by taking due care when viewing and photographing within the reserve.

These pages and photos are the works of David Piko, who died of cancer in May 2014. For further information, contact paul@piko.com.au

Mount Cannibal a Rural View
Junction of North and South trails up from car park
Mount Cannibal South trail
Mount Cannibal South trail granitic outcrop
Last pinch to top of South trail
South trail top in sight
Trail along saddle towards North-face
Eastern scrubland slope
Northern lookout towards Bunyip State Forest
North trail steps down to car park
North trail near low land
North trail low land
Acianthus caudatus Mayfly Orchid(a)
Acianthus caudatus Mayfly Orchid(b)
Acianthus caudatus Mayfly Orchid(c)
Acianthus caudatus Mayfly Orchid(d)
Acianthus exsertus Large Mosquito-orchid(b)
Acianthus exsertus Large Mosquito-orchid
Acianthus pusillus Small Mosquito Orchid(a)
Acianthus pusillus Small Mosquito Orchid
Acianthus pusillus Small mosquito-orchid(c)
Acianthus pusillus Small mosquito-orchid(e)
Caladenia carnea Pink Fingers (White)a
Caladenia carnea Pink Fingers(Twins)
Caladenia carnea Pink Fingers(White)
Caladenia carnea Pink Fingers
Caladenia catenata  White Fingers(Pink)
Caladenia catenata White Fingers & Mozzy
Caladenia catenata White Fingers1
Caladenia catenata White Fingers2
Caladenia catenata White Fingers3
Caladenia dilatata Green-comb Spider-orchid(opposing points of view)
Caladenia dilatata Green-comb Spider-orchid
Caladenia gracilis Musky Caladenia
Caladenia gracilis Musky Caladenia_1
Caladenia oenochila Wine-lipped Spider-orchid
Caladenia oenochila Wine-lipped Spider-orchid1
Caladenia oenochila Wine-lipped Spider-orchid2
Caladenia oenochila Wine-lipped Spider-orchid3
Caladenia oenochila Wine-lipped Spider-orchid4
Caladenia oenochila Wine-lipped Spider-orchid5
Caladenia oenochila Wine-lipped Spider-orchid6
Caladenia oenochila Wine-lipped Spider-orchid7
Caladenia parva Small Spider Orchid 2
Caladenia parva Small Spider orchid3
Caladenia praecox Early Caladenia
Caladenia praecox Early Cladenia (pair side lit)
Caladenia praecox Early Cladenia(pair)
Caladenia pusilla Tiny Fingers(2)
Caladenia pusilla Tiny Fingers
Caladenia pusilla Tiny Fingers1
Caladenia tentaculata Mantis Orchid(a)
Caladenia tentaculata Mantis Orchid(b)
Caladenia tentaculata Mantis Orchid
Calochilus robertsonii Purple Beard-orchid
Calochilus robertsonii Purple Beard-orchid1
Calochilus Robertsonii Purple Beard-orchid2
Chiloglottis valida Common Bird Orchid
Chiloglottis valida Common Bird orchid1
Chiloglottis valida Common Bird Orchid3
Chiloglottis valida Common Bird-orchid4
Corunastylis despectans Sharp Midge-orchid(2)
Corunastylis despectans Sharp Midge-orchid(3)
Corunastylis despectans Sharp Midge-orchid(4)
Corunastylis despectans Sharp Midge-orchid & pollinators
Corunastylis despectans Sharp Midge-orchid(5)
Corunastylis despectans Sharp Midge-orchid(1)
Corunastylis despectans Sharp Midge-orchid
Corybas diemenicus Veined Helmut-orchid A6
Corybas diemenicus Veined Helmut-orchid A7
Corybas diemenicus Veined Helmut-orchid A8
Corybas diemenicus Veined Helmut-orchid2
Corybas diemenicus Veined Helmut-orchid3
Corybas diemenicus Veined Helmut-orchids(in spagnum moss)
Corybas diemenicus Viened Helmut-orchid (juvenile)
Corybas diemenicus Viened Helmut-orchid A4
Corybas diemenicus Viened Helmut-orchid A5
Corybas diemenicus Viened Helmut-orchid1
Corybas fimbriatus Fringed Helmut-orchid(a)
Corybas fimbriatus Fringed Helmut-orchid(b)
Corybas fimbriatus Fringed Helmut-orchid(c)
Corybas fimbriatus Fringed Helmut-orchid(d)
Corybas fimbriatus Fringed Helmut-orchid
Corybas incurvus Slaty Helmut-orchid(a)
Corybas incurvus Slaty Helmut-orchid(b)
Cyrtostylis reniformus Small Gnat-orchid (b)
Cyrtostylis reniformus Small Gnat-orchid (c)
Cyrtostylis reniformus Small Gnat-orchid (d)
Cyrtostylis reniformus Small Gnat-orchid(a)
Cyrtostylis reniformus Small Gnat-orchid
Cyrtostylis reniformus Small Gnat-orchid (colony)
Dipodium roseum Rosy Hyacinth-orchid (Seed pods)
Dipodium roseum Rosy Hyacinth-orchid
Dipodium roseum Rosy Hyacinth-orchid2
Dipodium roseum Rosy Hyacinth-orchid3
Dipodium roseum Rosy Hyacinth-orchid4
Dipodium roseum Rosy Hyacinth-orchid5
Dipodium roseum Rosy Hyacinth-orchid6
Diuris Corymbosa Donkey Orchid & Native bee
Diuris Corymbosa Donkey orchid(Triplet)
Diuris Corymbosa Donkey Orchid
Diuris orientis Wallflower Orchid (Triplet)
Diuris orientis Wallflower Orchid
Diuris orientis Wallflower Orchid2
Diuris pardina Leopard & Spider
Diuris pardina Leopard orchid & Spider friend
Diuris pardina Leopard orchid 2
Diuris pardina Leopard orchid 3
Diuris sulphurea Hornet Orchid(Side lit)
Diuris sulphurea Hornet Orchid
Diuris sulphurea Hornet Orchid1
Eriochilus cucullatus Parson`s Bands(1)
Eriochilus cucullatus Parson`s Bands(2)
Eriochilus cucullatus Parson`s Bands(3)
Eriochilus cucullatus Parson`s Bands(4)
Eriochilus cucullatus Parson`s Bands(5)
Eriochilus cucullatus Parson`s Bands(6)
Eriochilus cucullatus Parson`s Bands
Eriochilus cucullatus Parson`s Bands(7)
Gastrodia procera Tall Potato-orchid(a)
Gastrodia procera Tall Potato-orchid(b)
Gastrodia procera Tall Potato-orchid(c)
Gastrodia sesamoides Cinnamon Bells
Gastrodia sesamoides Cinnamon Bells1
Glossodia major Wax-lip (deformed)
Glossodia major Wax-lip Orchid & Bug
Glossodia major Wax-lip Orchid
Leptoceras menziesii Hare Orchid
Leptoceras menziesii Hare Orchid2
Leptoceras menziesii Hare Orchid3
Microtis arenaria Notched Onion-orchid
Microtis arenaria Notched Onion-orchid1
Microtis oblonga Sweet Onion-orchid & pollinator
Microtis oblonga Sweet Onion-orchid
Orthoceras strictum Horned Orchid
Orthoceras strictum Horned Orchid(a)
Orthoceras strictum Horned Orchid & Dragon Fly
Pterostylis alpina Mountain Greenhood(a)
Pterostylis alpina Mountain Greenhood and bug
Pterostylis alpina Mountain Greenhood
Pterostylis chlorogramma Green-striped Greenhood(a)
Pterostylis chlorogramma Green-striped Greenhood(b)
Pterostylis chlorogramma Green-striped Greenhood(c)
Pterostylis chlorogramma Green-striped Greenhood
Pterostylis foliata (Hybrid-alpina) Slender Greenhood
Pterostylis foliata Slender Greenhood(a)
Pterostylis grandiflora Cobra Greenhood & Bug
Pterostylis grandiflora Cobra Greenhood(a)
Pterostylis grandiflora Cobra Greenhood(b)
Pterostylis grandiflora Cobra Greenhood(c)
Pterostylis grandiflora Cobra Greenhood
Pterostylis melagramma 3 Dainty Greenhood(a)
Pterostylis melagramma 3 Dainty Greenhood(b)
Pterostylis melagramma Tall Greenhood(a)
Pterostylis melagramma Tall Greenhood(b)
Pterostylis melagramma Tall Greenhood(c)
Pterostylis melagramma Tall Greenhood(d)
Pterostylis melagramma Tall Greenhood
Pterostylis nutans Nodding Greenhood(a)
Pterostylis nutans Nodding Greenhood(twins)
Pterostylis nutans Nodding Greenhood
Pterostylis nutans Nodding Greenhood(b)
Pterostylis nutans Nodding Greenhood(c)
Pterostylis parviflora 1 Red-tip Greenhood(c)
Pterostylis parviflora 1 Red-tip Greenhood
Pterostylis parviflora 1 Red-tip Greenhood(a)
Pterostylis parviflora 1 Red-tip Greenhood(b)
Pterostylis parviflora 1 Red-tip Greenhood(d)
Pterostylis parviflora Tiny Greenhood(1)
Pterostylis parviflora Tiny Greenhood(2)
Pterostylis parviflora Tiny Greenhood(3)
Pterostylis parviflora Tiny Greenhood
Pterostylis pedunculata (a) Maroonhood
Pterostylis pedunculata Maroonhood
Pyrorchis nigracans Red-beaks
Pyrorchis nigracans Red-beaks2
Pyrorchis nigricans Red-beaks1
Pyrorchis nigricans Red-beaks3
Pyrorchis nigricans Red-beaks4
Pyrorchis nigricans Red-beaks5
Thelymitra arenaria Forest Sun-orchid
Thelymitra ixioides Spotted Sun-orchid
Thelymitra juncifolia Rush-leaf Sun-orchid
Thelymitra juncifolia Rush-leaf Sun-orchid(a)
Thelymitra media Tall Sun-orchid & Pollinator
Thelymitra media Tall Sun-orchid & Polllinator(a)
Thelymitra media Tall Sun-orchid 1
Thelymitra media Tall Sun-orchid 2
Thelymitra media Tall Sun-orchid
Thelymitra pauciflora Slender Sun-orchid
Thelymitra rubra Salmon Sun-orchid

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