Facelift Professional 2 for Visual Objects


Now generating Visual Studio 2015 solutions, and including X# as an additional language option!

What is Facelift Professional?

Facelift Professional 2 for Visual Objects is a tool that reduces the amount of work involved in converting a Visual Objects application to use the .NET Framework. It reads VO window binary entities and reconstructs them as .NET versions, targeting either Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation. The windows that are output can be opened in the Visual Studio form designers. The source code it produces can be C#, VB.NET, Vulcan.NET or X#.

When should I use Facelift?

Because Facelift creates source code that makes use of the .NET Framework classes - either Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation - it is most valuable when you are migrating from the older VO GUI classes to the newer .NET GUI classes. Manually reconstructing windows is tedious, time consuming and error prone. That time is better spent on the application logic. Facelift saves you having to manually redraw your existing windows in the .NET form designers.

How do I find out more about Facelift?

Download and install Facelift. Not only will this let you review the documentation but you will also be able to see "before" and "after" samples. The "before" code is supplied as VO AEFs. The "after" code is a collection of Visual Studio solutions, demonstrating each of the combinations of output language and GUI:

At the time of this release of Facelift Professional, X# was still in prerelease. X# did not support the Visual Studio form designers, and WPF support was limited. Facelift does produce Windows Forms projects in X# that successfully compile and run; it is just the visual designer support that is missing. Facelift can also produce WPF projects using X# but there are still some issues; these should be resolved as X# matures.

When you obtain a licence you will will be able to run Facelift. Until then you should find that the examples demonstrate the most common coding scenarios. Here are some images showing the original Visual Objects window on the left and the Facelift-generated Visual Studio window on the right. Click the image to see a larger view.

Window editor comparison
Source code editor comparison


Need the earlier version that supports Visual Studio 2008/2010? Click here to download Facelift Professional 1 for Visual Objects.

Pricing and Purchasing

The Facelift Professional 2 for VO licence is valid for 1 year costing €199, and can be renewed for €50. Online sales are processed through ShareIt, and registration details are issued immediately. Other currencies can be used on ShareIt.

Licence Renewals

Facelift Professional is licensed on a yearly basis. After the initial purchase licence renewals are €50. To renew, contact us using and we will issue a coupon code you can use on the ShareIt site.

Licence Upgrades

Existing licences of version 1 of Facelift Professional are still valid with version 2! Use your existing valid licence file to work with Facelift Professional 2 for VO.


This video demonstrates the features using version 1. Additional features are available in version 2.




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