Deriving their name from the protagonist from Edgar Allan Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado, Montresor are a four piece instrumental progressive rock band hailing from Melbourne, Australia.

In June 2015, Montresor have just released their second album, Entelechy. The post-rock stylings of their first record have eschewed in preference for further explorations into odd time signatures and dissonance. We also have the tribute to Adrian Belew and his period of time in King Crimson with “Belewga Whale”.

You can also stream or purchase the albums through our bandcamp:

Montresor’s self-funded debut album Daybreak was released in late December 2011 and explores complex time signature changes, lengthy jamming and delayed guitars, resulting in a record as reminiscent of 70s prog giants King Crimson and Rush as it is of post-black metallers Alcest and Les Discrets.


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